The eighties themes have made a comeback - nowadays prop hire firms are doing a fabulous job with coming up with all sorts of creative and wonderful eighties props that do the job of taking an event back to a time when side pony tails, leg warmers and icy pink lipstick were in. If you want to know more about this, check out Acrow Props Hire. But there are a few tips that you need to keep in mind when looking for prop hire and organizing such an event.No doubt, the surest way of hosting a successful eighties themed party is to get everyone charged up for the event - excitement is the key here - after all it's the eighties, isn't it? You would want to go out of your way a bit to ensure you have all the required prop hire in place and that everyone shows up in their favourite eighties outfit. Go ahead and stash away some items in advance for guests who don't show up in the demanded outfit. So what are some of the best eighties prop hire items? Some giant sized wigs, washed out jeans and bright pink and yellow hair bands are a good start. On the one hand you need to ensure your guests dress appropriately for the party but on the other hand you also need to be careful not to overdo it too much and end up embarrassing your guests.The decoration part is not all that difficult. It would be a very good idea to reach out to one of the many prop hire companies out there. These companies add a great deal of value in terms giving bright ideas and renting out props. These firms also go a long way in adding that touch of professionalism and discipline to the whole planning and organization process. You should definitely add a pinch of zest to your event by asking your guests and the prop hire firm to suggest some eighties music. Another way of creating that hip eighties aura is to encourage your guests to use words and phrases that were heavily used during the eighties - this is another area in which a firm can help tremendously by suggesting some quirky eighties quotation boards.It's important to not forget that the primary goal of hosting the event: to have fun. A good prop hire firm can take a lot of the mental and physical work off your hands. For more info, visit Acrow Props Hire.