In this age of high technology advancement, wandering around the
Internet is never safe. The moment you go browsing,you are unconsciously
inviting hackers and scammers therein. It is like leaving a footprint
wherever you may go. Having the latest and updated anti-virus program
installed in your computer is never an assurance that the system
information of your computer is not transferred the minute you go
online. If you want to know more about this, check out Anonymizer Universal.
When you surf the Internet in the privacy of your own living room gives
you the impression that you and your personal information are safe. Why
not? You are alone, and nobody knows the real person behind the name you
use to login or access certain websites. But you are wrong. Surfing the
web unprotected can make your IP address very visible to whoever may
want to see it. The IP (Internet Protocol) address is a numerical label
assigned to devices to participate in the computer network for
communication. It specifies locations of the source and destination of
the routing system. So when you request for a web page, all the
information are passed to your browser and your IP address is recorded
in the web server logs. Aside from your IP address, the exact time you
access the web site and the usage history or links that you clicked,
actions that you performed and data that you entered are gleaned too.
Generally, all internet servers and services have some form of logging
for purposes of the following: marketing, statistical, technical or even
legal. It works similar to an office environment wherein the company's
servers and firewalls are configured to keep a record of every
employee's internet usage. Anonymous web surfing is definitely made
possible using an anonymous proxy server. A proxy server is an
application program that mediates between the web browser and the end
server. There will be no direct communication between the two because
instead of contacting the end server right away to fetch a web page, the
browser contacts the proxy that forwards the requests, so the reply
from the end server is sent by the proxy to the browser. Therefore, it
emerges as if the requests come from the mediating proxy server.
Anonymous proxy server then hides your identity securely. These days,
more and more people are divulging their financial information on the
Internet as more and more people shop online. They also conduct banking
activities with a click of the mouse in the comfort of their own homes.
Activities like these requires a certain demand of extra precaution to
embark safety and security to your computer and financial assets.
Likewise, most of the shopping sites do have programs to track your
shopping habits the very moment you download something from the
internet. Anonymous proxy server then functions as an active shield
against hackers and awful software programs. To use a web proxy, just
visit its home page, enter a web address in the form they provide and
start surfing. Providing of course you have the total comprehension of
what protection is offered. Anonymous surfing is genuinely essential! For more info, visit Anonymizer Universal.