I want to share my story, of my first astral projection experience.  

My name is Adrian, I am 35 years old and I researched the subject of astral traveling and astral projecting for almost twenty years. If you want to know more about this, check out Astral Projection Techniques. When I reached eighteen, I read a book about astral projection which had me intrigued by the subject, and I continued reading and started practicing in order to have my first out of body experience. Then, one day it happened.  That day was almost like every day; I went to bed and went to sleep. I've slept for few hours and then I felt like waking up, but it wasn't a real wake up. I have tried to move, but I felt like something is holding me back to the bed. I've tried to struggle, but still I felt like fifteen hands are holding me back and keeping me stuck to the bed. I felt like my hands are letting go and I can start moving.  I stood up, but it wasn't my real body that stood up, because I could see my body still laying at bed and not moving. My head was full with thoughts, trying to figure out what is going on here and where am I. As I started scanning the room, I noticed that it's the same room as my room, as nothing was different except for the fact that my real body laid there on bed, and I was out of the body.  I was on my astral body, floating around. I felt a little pressure on the higher part of my spine, and my vibrating body started floating in an enormous speed around the room, as a ray of light, just jumping around from one corner to the other without a purpose or a reason.  After astral traveling around the room, I returned to my physical body, it was like glue that unified the bodies together. I woke up few hours later with a clear memory of what happened. I've tried to remember the events that lead me to achieve this weird out of body experience that I had that night. Since then, I continued to study and read more, especially on astral travel for beginners, and I have realized and understood how to do it on a regular basis.  This story was my first astral projection experience. I wrote it because I wanted to share the feeling I had that time with everyone, as it's not similar to anything I had until then. The out of body experience is just indescribable. I wrote only what I could deliver, but you must experience it by yourself, to understand what is it all about. This is why I wanted to share it with you. This was my little story, my little astral experience, my little secret. For more info, visit Astral Projection Techniques.