The ability to change an extraordinary happening into something funnier is called humor. Some people say that the best way to unlock a woman's heart is by making her smile and laugh. This is really the main ingredient to attract women. But, do you actually know how to make a woman laugh? It is definitely hard to be funny and hilarious. That is why few tips would really help to be effective on this.The first rule of thumb here is to never do slapstick routines. Do not make attempt to make funny faces and exaggerate your acts to make her laugh. Stop being a trying hard. The lady would also think that you are a fool if you do this kind of stuff. If you want to know more about this, check out High Status Humor. Second tip to make your woman laugh is to practice. Try finding the comedic style that matches your personality. Practice being a comedian in front of your friends and find out what really suits you then, you need to stick with it. Another thing, avoid using disgusting old nun jokes. You should keep it original all the time. It is really lame to copy others materials. Moreover, never stage a joke. It is funnier if your face is just normal even if you are already joking around. Do not make them anticipate that you are about to tell a funny joke because they may just get disappointed.Timing is another important thing to consider when you want to make a woman laugh.You should know your woman first. Find out what she likes and dislikes. Make more effort to get to know her better so, you would know when to start being humorous. Sometimes small things can already make a woman smile and laugh but it also depends on her moods. Timing is really necessary. You should master this skill before you even try telling a joke.Timing is just not about the way you deliver the punch line but also it is about understanding the mood and characteristics of its recipients. That is the reason why it is definitely crucial in finding success in your punch lines.Take note that it is very necessary to determine if your jokes or punch lines are already awkward. Try not to intimidate your recipients. Be sensitive to what others may feel before joking around. Know also when to stop. If You tried several times already but still did not work then move on and make another material to use the next time. Do not become a trying hard and annoy the girl you want. This is definitely not the good way to win a woman's heart. For more info, visit High Status Humor.