Canker sores are the most common and non-contagious form of mouth sores. These sores can be caused due to various reasons and are scientifically known as Aphthous ulcers. Burning sensations, tingling or a pain inside the mouth is an indication towards ulcers. Medically speaking these are white or yellow lesions circled by an inflamed, red border that occur on the mucus membranes inside the mouth. Although the actual cause of these ulcers remains unknown, still the doctors can predict certain trigger factors, which generally cause the growth of these sores. If you want to know more about this, check out How to Get Rid of a Canker Sore. Food allergies, citrus fruits, stress and nutritional deficiencies are the most common culprits. Sensitivity towards chocolate, tomatoes and nuts, acidic foods such as pineapple and preservatives like benzoic acid can also lead to causing canker sores. Even physical traumas like toothbrush abrasions, brace adjustments or tooth extraction can be one of the reasons for development. Deficiencies of Vitamin B12, Zinc, Iron or Folic acid are also accountable. Toothpaste having sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) also cause these sores.Most of us have experienced these oral sores at some point of time in our life. Most of these ulcers happen during adolescence or young adulthood and become less frequent as we grow older. It has also been noted that these sores happen more frequently with nonsmokers and people living a higher socio-economic life.Mouth sores are very annoying oral conditions and can even cause excruciating pain which can be a sign of underlying health problem. Canker sores are not contagious and there are ways by which you can easily get rid of them and stop them from making a comeback. Presently there are many oral medications, topical creams and dental pastes considered as the canker sores treatments. Some remedies even suggest adding nutritional supplements like Vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc to the diet to speed up the healing process. There are even some home remedies that can be an instant relief from the pain caused by these sores.However all these treatments do not study the exact triggering factor which can give you the most accurate canker sore treatments? There have been no medical studies done to find out any possible adverse side effects of these natural compounds.You can find various videos and e-books on cold sore and canker sores treatment. Such videos give a 100% natural and drug free solutions to help you get rid of these sores and stop them from re-occurring. These e-books, videos and diet books are a good source for gaining adequate knowledge about oral sore and treat them naturally. These videos guide you towards a few steps which if followed will help you get rid of these sores in an easy manner. The good part is that these video are developed by highly qualified medical professionals over their many years of experience in handling these sores. For more info, visit How to Get Rid of a Canker Sore.