These days, it is nice to know that there are companies that take the time to insure the safety of their employees, their equipment, and their structures. Having a high priority of safety can reduce accidents, increase productivity, decrease overhead costs; it is just good business sense. Everyone knows that accident happen, but with the proper training, those accidents could be minimized or even avoid. If you want to know more about this, check out  Safety Training Library. Statistics show that employees who are equipped with the proper knowledge of equipment use, personal protection practices, and emergency response they work more consistently, calmly, and respond with a clearer head in an emergency. There are state and federal laws, which require employers to make available adequate safety equipment, training, and other items needed to reduce the risk of injury to their employees. These laws are continuously changing with each new study and innovations in equipment or technology, making it difficult for some companies to stay in compliances with. We at Compliance and Safety know how hard it is to get employees trained and up to safety standards in a timely manner, that is why we carry the leading manufacturers of safety materials. We help you provide your employees with the proper training, your trainers with guidelines for proper execution of training material and your management with the proper tools to enforce safety standards.Our top sellers are the Safety Training Videos bundle packs. The programs allow a company to "quickly and easily" train their employees in the most efficient way possible at an affordable price. This training program is geared for employees in any non-healthcare related fields, such as construction, manufacturer, HAZMAT related fields, and transportation. These videos come in VHS or DVD format; some are on CD-ROM, or online courses. Most videos offered at Compliance and Safety are available in English and Spanish. As an employer, you can use these videos in normal monthly meetings with your employees, one-on one training, or classes specific to a particular topic. To lighten the mood we also offer funny cartoons and games will keep your people wide awake or actively involved in the training. For more info, visit Safety Training Library.