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Guerrilla Marketing

Posted by tdrrockwrd5 on Tuesday, November 8, 2011,
A term frequently thrown around in the 21st century is "new media." With the emergence of social media and digital content, new media has become a large portion of people's lives. With very little research regarding the effectiveness or stability, companies are reluctant to pursue marketing campaigns where the ROI isn't clearly defined.However, as the economy suffers, the best way to make money is to think smart. The belief is that if you spend more money on advertising/publicity, you ...
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Guerrilla Marketing

Posted by tdrrockwrd5 on Wednesday, November 2, 2011,
marketing is an unconventional way of promoting products that relies
heavily on timing and location. Guerrilla marketing generally utilises
public spaces to attract attention of the general public and get them
involved with the brand's promotional efforts.

Guerrilla marketing is a technique often utilised by companies on a
budget and is therefore popular amongst small companies and
entrepreneurs. Instead of investing money, guerrilla marketing invests
time, energy and imagination. If you wa...

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