Your bags are already packed and travel plans have been arranged so go. All of a sudden, your trip is cancelled because of a current unforeseen circumstance. Pray that you have an adequate trip interruption insurance policy so that you will not suffer the loss of any prepayments and deposits. Limited coverage is possible should your policy's fine print have no specific terms or conditions stated. Policies have been determined to differ a whole lot in the extent of coverage provided but only a little in their price and this is according to the reviews made on nine trip interruption or trip cancellation policies done by consumer reports travel letter. If you want to know more about this, check out Travel Insurance for Seniors. Normally, there are more risks when policies are used by senior and insurers will try to convince you that a vaguely worded policy will give you adequate coverage and so it is necessary to find out the extent of the coverage in the fine print. With an illness, injury, or death clause, you and your heirs can be protected from losses that result from personal mishap. Some people buy policies even with a health problem and if a trip is spoiled by a pre existing medical condition then it may be hard to get a reimbursement. Some companies cover an insured person's pre existing condition as long as it wasn't treated within 60 days of the date of coverage, or, if treated, it was controlled by medication. Sometimes policies no longer cover people for medical treatment or advice obtained within 180 days of the date of coverage. Brochures for those policies do not exempt controlled conditions. Claims can easily be denied if you take an aspirin on a doctor's advice within that time. Especially for seniors rather than the younger people, this is a particularly important road block according to consumer reports for they are more prone to illnesses and injuries. Most of the time, policies exempt war injuries, injuries resulting from hazardous activity like active sports, and even congenital conditions at times. It will be impossible to get something if you purchased your insurance from a wholesale tour operator or travel agency that eventually closes down. This serves to protect insurers against the styling of fraudulent operators. Directly obtaining your insurance from insurance policies is the way to go. What the evaluated policies offer is cancellation coverage for any problems even those that happen on your way to the airport. About 24 hours before departure, coverage ends when it comes to insurance from cruise lines or tour operators. When it comes to this, you should not take such a risk. Be wise and ask about the cutoff date for any kind of operator provided trip interruption policy. When there is a date then refuse to buy the policy. Usually, any kind of trip involves a flat rate per $100 of coverage. Do not overbuy. The actual losses you incur will always be more than the reimbursements you receive and so never overbuy more coverage than you need for the deposits and prepayments you are risking. And forget other travel insurance. Advertising huge benefits at low prices is the accidental death and dismemberment coverage offered by almost all travel insurance providers. However, this can be expensive. You will need some form of accident insurance for the entire year. More risks are involved with you driving around your home city than if you fly on an airline. Sometimes, an existing homeowner's or renter's insurance policy is enough to cover travel contingencies including lost luggage. For more info, visit Travel Insurance for Seniors.