A slow computer equals an unhappy owner. But did you know that it can easily be solved simply by using a registry cleaner. This is a simple step that most owners are not aware of because they do not even know that a registry exists. The registry, put in simple words, stores the necessary data to make both software and hardware work. It is the database or the storage area of the computer. All computers that use Windows system operate using the registry. The registry, however, gets filled with invalid keys from time to time. If you want to know more about this, check out Tuneup 360. These invalid keys cause the registry to make things harder for the computer. It not only slows down the computer but it also causes errors like Active X. System crashes are also experienced. These problematic errors can be solved with the use of a registry cleaning software. Though a registry does not directly tell you when it needs cleaning, the signs and symptoms of faulty registry are clear.Registry cleaning software can be downloaded from the internet for free on the first use. Some manufacturers offer their registry cleaners to be tested first before purchasing the software. The use of registry cleaners is now widespread. Many people are now aware that a registry actually exists and that it needs cleaning. You can read up on reviews so you know which are reliable and reputable. The registry cleaner first makes a scan of the registry. It analyzes everything contained in the registry. This could take a few minutes depending on the errors that it will find in the registry.After scanning, the cleaner will then list down the errors it has found. You can now proceed to the next step by cleaning and fixing those errors. The cleaner will first ask you if you want to make a backup of the files before cleaning it. The whole process takes less than ten minutes to finish. Regular maintenance is recommended so that your registry always stays error-free. Some registry cleaners give you the option of scheduling regular cleaning sessions. Do not ever try to attempt cleaning the registry by yourself. Although computer registries can be fixed manually by the user, it is not advised since it can do more harm than good. You could accidentally delete files that are needed to run computer components. Using a registry cleaner is a safe and effective way to clean your registry and make your computer run fast again. Now that you know that a registry exists, do your best to keep it clean. Sometimes, all your computer needs is a clean registry. For more info, visit Tuneup 360.